Buy Your First Car

Tips for Buying Your First Car

First of all, congratulations for passing your Driving Test, and welcome to the club.

At Used Cars Armagh we understand that there can be a lot of excitement, pressure and even stress when considering buying your 1st car because you’re so eager to get on the road.  Here are some of our best tips when looking for your first car.

1. don’t be intimidated – take your time and don’t allow yourself to be pressured.  Once you realise someone is trying to pressure you, the pressure disappears,

2. test drive more than one car – to really get a feel for a car, you need to have something to compare it to, so we always recommend you test drive more than one car,

3. do your research – the internet is an amazing tool for car research and allows you to compare the strengths and weaknesses of lots of cars, as well as their common faults in a very short space of time,

4. trusted dealer – its going to be better for your overall peace of mind, and ultimate car buying decision if you stick to trusted car dealers with good reputations,

5. stick within your budget – know your budget and don’t spend all your money so you have enough to cover all your car expenses.